Thursday, June 21, 2012

Novelty Treats: Alien Test Footage

Perhaps you're thinking "you know, I'd really prefer not to sleep tonight."  If that's the case, I have something you should definitely watch.  This is a cool little bit of test footage from Bolaj Badejo's screen tests as the Xenomorph in Alien.  That's him on the left, in a picture that's more of a disappointing reveal than the creeptastic bit of odd at play in the video below.  Badejo stood over 7 feet tall, and as he stalks the hallways in what appears to be an early latex stand-in of the actual head to the strange soundscapes edited into the film, he looks less like Giger's alien and much much more like something that would be haunting the basement on American Horror Story.  Yeah.  You're going to see that in your dreams.  Just wait.    

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