Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Brought to you by the letters A.Z.E.A.L.I.A.

With your keen powers of observation, you may have Sherlocked that I haven't been around these parts in awhile.  Re-posting with limited commentary began to feel trivial, like a tumblr or pinterest without any of my own ideas.  I'm a writer, dammit, if I put something on the internet I want it to actually represent an active thought process (btw: my 'real real' super-active blog is (as always) Love & Squalor).  Of course, as summer has now officially begun, I'm running into more and more bits of random neat stuff, pop jams, and things that no one cares about when I post on my Facebook wall.  So, TA DA, bitches: we're resurrecting this shit.  The final trigger?  The single art for the Azealia Banks track "Aquababe."  I'm in love with it.  Everything about this screams 'I AM A THING INSPIRED BY OUR MUTUAL CHILDHOOD'.  It's the plastic pastel image of a million cartoons and every flowy hair toy lusted after by little girls across America.  It's got the Proustian power to evoke the smell of scented Barbie dolls and the feel of the molded, textured rubber on all those mermaid figures.  This is the most happy making thing I've seen this week (apart from Prometheus, which I will discuss soon on the aforementioned other blog).  As for the song itself?  Well, have a listen:

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