Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Guest Post: Ed of Our City is Burning Watches Wrestling

Right, so this is a guest post.  My name is Ed, and I'm interrupting the normal stream of synthy pop music and movie reviews to bring you some musings on faux fisticuffs and The Muppets.  Normally I blog over at Our City Is Burning, but Wilde asked me to write a brief piece on the weird intersection of our interests.  She loves pro wrestling, and I love the Muppets, so it seemed a natural combination.
The cross-promotion was pretty uninspired, to be honest.  There were a couple of enjoyable moments(like Jack Swagger threatened to kill and consume both Ms. Piggy and Kermit in the most monotone voice ever, wocka wocka), but most of the interaction seemed really forced.  Obvious ideas, like Waldorf and Statler providing Play by Play were passed by for jokes about Stone Cold Steve Austin.  Beeker and Sheamus both have red hair!  They're related!  Hilarity ensues, or not really.  All in all, this was a pretty sub-par outing by both groups, and leaves me with plenty of doubts about the upcoming film.

The real questions: Where the hell was Sam the Eagle in all about this?  Why weren't Kermit and John Laurenitis complaining about managing the craziest people on television?  Or why didn't they do this eight years ago when Super-Gonzo could have tagged with the Hurricane against the Rock, or Sam the Eagle and Kurt Angle could sing "God Bless America" together?

It's like the old joke goes: "What's worse than watching this TV show?"


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