Monday, October 24, 2011

(Early) Review: A Dangerous Method

When the end credits began to roll on A Dangerous Method, my gut reaction came in the form of a bad pun:  that Method?  Not so Dangerous.   What I’d watched had felt less David Cronenberg, more Merchant Ivory; a lovely period piece lightly infused with just a touch of sado-masochism.  It’s funny, because before watching the film I felt I knew exactly why a director like Cronenberg would be interested in the story of Carl Jung and Sabina Spielrein.  The version I’d been told was an embellished drama of adultery, insanity, and perversion.  Sabina was made out to be a torrid sort of enchantress, a manic, hysteric genius with an insatiable sexual appetite who so fascinated Jung and his mentor, Sigmund Freud, that an irreparable rift was created between them.   In this telling, I could have sworn Sabina was rumored to have taken each of the doctors as lovers, though we know Freud was famously distant from his patients...

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