Thursday, June 2, 2011

Review: The Hangover pt. II

In a rare occurrence brought to you by the holiday weekend, M. and I actually viewed The Hangover part II together. Consequently, the discussion in the wake of this screening has run the gamut and while we've had a surplus of conversations on the matter, one of us is just now getting around to writing about it. The facts are these: we both laughed during the flick. Honestly, we laughed a pretty reasonable amount. If that's all you need to know, then off with you. There you have it: this is a comedy that succeeds (in points) at being a comedy. Don't kid yourself. If you enjoyed the first film at all, you're going to watch this sequel. That's just how it is. The thing is, however, that as with most comedy sequels: you're going to get exactly what you thought you were paying for, and then probably be a little disappointed when it comes with nothing else...

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