Saturday, June 25, 2011

Review: Bad Teacher

It would be easy to step up and blow apart Bad Teacher.  Really just too easy.  If I wanted to attack it all I'd have to do would be to start ragging on its loose plot, its underuse of some really fantastic supporting actors, and the way it never manages to be little more than a cheap presentation of a superficial character performing superficial gags, flitting from semi-predictable plot point to plot point with a flippant refusal to mine anything for a little bit of depth.  If I really wanted to nail this film to the cross I could start (as some have) picking apart the film's protagonist as a nasty blow by Hollywood in which they once again make their strong female character a manipulative, selfish, rather skanky lady who feels the need to get attention by pulling on her daisy dukes and writhing all over a car or two.  Yeah, it would be pretty easy to tear this movie apart.  The thing is, though, I actually liked it...

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