Thursday, March 24, 2011

Unreleased Bowie Album Leaks

This morning I learned the perils of stepping out on the internet for a second.  I mean, I thought I had the fort held down when Elizabeth Taylor passed yesterday, but I was wrong.  Turns out that after nearly a decade of total silence, the unreleased David Bowie album 'Toy' leaked on BitTorrent a couple days back.  While Bowie himself is reportedly "livid" about it, I have to admit that as someone who cites the Thin White Duke as a sort of personal pop culture patron saint, the news is pretty exciting.

The album reportedly features a fair amount of early work, including new versions of tracks from very early in his career, including "In the Heat of the Morning" and "I Dig Everything."  While it was set for release sometime in 2001, the album was shelved due to a dispute with Virgin Records.  The article forwarded to me was from, and you can read more about their contact with the original poster here.  Rolling Stone has reported that the artist himself has declined to comment on the events.

My hope would be that now that the album is floating around in the internet ether, they'll force it into actual release and make it accessible for those wary of piracy.

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