Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Review: Jane Eyre

There are several people who, if they read this, will probably laugh and consider me something of a hypocrite.  That's fine, I'll own up to it.  It's no great secret that I'm not the world's biggest Jane Eyre fan.  As novels of the time go, I'll take the sisters Brontë any day over any sort of dalliance with Jane Austen.  The Brontës, at least, had a flair for the gothic and a penchant for a bit of melodrama.  Books like Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights had a movement and the movement was haunted, the inherent romance more passionate and a little less calculated.  Manners, social standing, it's all still there, of course, it's just more fun when it's shaded a little darker.  Regardless, I've read Jane Eyre twice in my life so far.  Once of my own volition and the second time because, um, I was an English major and that kind of thing sort of happens...

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