Monday, March 7, 2011

Late Night Signs of the Apocalypse (or something)

This is the latest model to come from the Geminoid series of disturbingly realistic androids.  It's the first Caucasian edition and I don't like it.  When I say I don't like it I don't mean that the science isn't incredible or that it's not really amazing.  What I mean is this:  we're all going to die.  I mean, let's break this down.  1. Yes, that's a robot.  2. Yes, that robot looks just like a normal dude.  3. Yes, you could meet that robot and not know that it was a robot.  4. Yes, the machines are definitely scheduling an uprising.  5. Yes, this is just one small step of many in the direction of very bad things to come.  First this, then Gigolo Joe, then Roy Batty, then Terminator.  If we're lucky we get Data instead.  Chew on that, world.  Good morning!  Soon, the human race will be upgraded to a newer model!  [source]

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