Friday, February 11, 2011

Trailer: X-Men: First Class

Though I have a strong affinity for the X-Men, my excitement for their cinematic ventures withered after the god awful X3 and died with the positively absurd X-Men Origins: Wolverine.   That said, I've been really reluctant to weigh in on this summer's old school reboot X-Men: First Class.  Now, the trailer has arrived, and I must admit, barring quite a bit of slow motion/dramatic arm extending, it looks like a significant improvement over the last two.  James McAvoy (Adaptation) stars as a young Charles Xavier, the excellent Michael Fassbender takes up the gauntlet for a pre-Magneto Erik, Jennifer Lawrence from Winter's Bone (which now must always be read in a Wayne's World manner) becomes Mystique, January Jones is Emma Frost, and Nicholas Hoult (About a Boy, A Single Man, Skins) is Beast.  I'm going to let myself be just a little excited about all of this.  Compared to this summer's other comic based films (Captain America, Thor, Green Lantern) it's thus far the contender that appears to have the least amount of misplaced absurdity.  We shall see when it's released early this June.

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