Friday, January 7, 2011

The Trivial Pursuit: January 6th Edition

Because everyone but me seems to care about where the abs of Ryan Reynolds spent NYE, I will tell you.  The abs of Ryan Reynolds partied with the niceness of his Proposal co-star Sandra Bullock, prompting everyone's mother to get all twitterpated about the possibility of those two sweet little rom com kids getting together.  [via Radar]

Unfortunately for Anna Wintour, WWD reported that the Audit Bureau of Circulations has done the math and listed the Lady Gaga and Rihanna as the best selling magazine cover girls of the year.  Gaga posted high marks for her appearances on everything from Rolling Stone to Cosmopolitan.  Meanwhile, Wintour's girl du jour, Blake Lively apparently just doesn't spark much interest from the masses.  Lively was at the bottom of the heap, beaten out only by supposed American sweetheart Taylor Swift, whose appearances on Elle, Marie Claire, and Glamour were the lowest of the low.  It's like I've said before, ladymag editors, your adult audience doesn't really want to read about the success of a girl most beloved by preteens (unless there's scandal involved). [via WWD]

David Arquette checked into rehab.  He's reportedly seeking treatment for problems with alcohol and "other issues."  [via TMZ]

Patrick Wolf revealed via Twitter that he's engaged to be married to boyfriend William Charles Pollock.  [via Twitter]

Apparently PEOPLE magazine just now got around to discovering that Jason Schwartzman's wife, Brady Cunningham, gave birth to their child in early December.   It's a girl, they named her Marlowe, this really screws up my future plans, blah blah blah.  [via PEOPLE]

Rockabilly singer Patricia Day, lead singer of the HorrorPops is suing toy company Mattel for swiping her look for their "Hard Rock Barbie" collection.  She's mad, see, because Barbie has a decorated bass fiddle and Day believes that Barbie runs totally opposite to her belief system.  Day believes that she's "redefining women's roles in the rock 'n roll scene" and her vision runs "contrary and antithetical" to everything about Barbie.  The HorrorPops are alright, but 1. there's nothing very unique about Day's rockabilly look.  2. that look is itself swiped from a pin-up aesthetic.  3. pin-up style is cool, but I mean, let's get real here...when you base your personal look off of images of models designed as masturbatory fodder for male eyes, I'm not so sure you have much room to talk about Barbie is a dangerous negative.  4. I have this feeling little girls raised on Guitar Hero and "Hard Rock Barbie" will redefine the scene on their own. [via Reuters, image via ONTD]

Rapper Gucci Mane appeared in court on Monday to file a "Special Plea of Mental Incompetency" after being accused of violating his probation.  He was promptly institutionalized.  Fun times at the mental hospital! [via TMZ]

Someone dug up this KMart commercial in which True Grit's Hailee Steinfeld is all about Blingitude.  Man, if Rooster had seen that she never would have gotten to go on that revenge quest.

Perhaps you recall when Lady Gaga became a Creative Director at Polaroid?  Well, the fruits of that collaboration were unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show yesterday, and soon you too may be rocking Gaga and Polaroid's "Grey Label" goods...including your own camera sunglasses with built-in outward facing monitors. [Source]

Former Girls Next Door bunny Holly Madison has finally offered her first documented comment on the engagement of Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris saying ""I'm very surprised ... I have a lot of different feelings on it."  You don't say...and this is news?  Pfft.  Obviously, you'll have to wait for the reality show air date to hear her real thoughts. [via E! of course]

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