Friday, December 3, 2010

The Trivial Pursuit: December 3rd Edition

How are you?  That's nice.  I'm alright.  Nothing.  Oh, I mean everything but, you know, can't launch a conversation like that.  Yep.  Good talk. 

This blind item claiming that one of these Harry Potter actors is an unknowing father was mailed in to Post Secret.  Um, yeah, sure it's possible, but this sounds like fangirl wishful thinking.  Has anyone adapted this for fanfiction yet?

Deadline reported that The Walking Dead's producer Frank Darabont let the entire writing staff of the highly rated AMC show go.  Darabont reportedly wishes to enter season 2 without a set group of writers on payroll, instead hiring freelancers to fill in for the work he doesn't do himself.  The massive overhaul is, as can be expected, the source of quite a bit of controversy. [via Deadline]

Miley Cyrus is now 18.  To celebrate, Hustler released a Miley Cyrus themed porn.  Congrats, Hannah Montana, your first real "this is your life" retrospective comes courtesy of Larry Flynt and company.  You've got a bright future ahead.  Also, the internets tell me that the acting in this little film is terrible, even by porn standards.  [via Jezebel]

To all those dudes who had a serious crush on Winona Ryder when I was in high school, she's about to turn 40 now, and Us Weekly has quoted the actress saying "I gotta bag me a husband."  Guys, run.  It's your big chance.  She doesn't age. [via Us

I know you don't care about America's Next Top Model, but semi-controversial and wholly deserving Ann Ward won the title in this season's finale.  She wins the show's biggest prize yet and will be heavily featured in an upcoming issue of Vogue Italia.  The girl has editorial success written all over her.  Maybe the show will generate a real top model yet.

Christopher Nolan told Entertainment Weekly that the third Batman film will be his last.  The director was quoted saying: "I must say that I’m glad — I’m very, very glad — to be embarking on the last chapter of our Batman saga without any sense of obligation or duty to the studio. They did very well with Inception. So I’m able to go into finishing our story in a very enthusiastic way." [via EW]

The 2011 Sundance Film Festival competing films have been announced, check out the list at /Film.  Director Kevin Smith's much buzzed about foray into horror, Red State, will make its premiere at the fest, but will not be in competition.

Random fact:  in reference to the oft-quoted line from the film, the This is Spinal Tap page on the newly refurbished (no, I don't like it either) IMDB includes a ranking system that does, in fact, go to 11.

The National Board of Review announced its awards yesterday, naming The Social Network the Best Film of the Year.  The full list of winners (including their 10 Best lists) can be found here.  Last year's winner was Up in the Air

After collaborating with Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse on last year's Dark Night of the Soul, director David Lynch is still into making music.  Including, but not limited to, this electro poppy track called "Good Day Today."  Oh, David Lynch, you always find a way to be weird even when you're not being weird at all. Read more and hear another track at /Film
Good Day Today by threeminutesthirtyseconds

If you have a life, you probably didn't notice, but a whole bunch of celebs participated in a "Digital Life Sacrifice" where they vowed to stop communicating via Twitter and Facebook until $1 million in donations was collected for World AIDS Day and the Keep a Child Alive fund.  Lady Gaga,  Justin Timberlake, Kim Kardashian, Janelle Monae, Serena Williams, etc are all silencing themselves for the cause.  Let's pause and look this over.  The cause is great, yes, but is this not just about the stupidest, most culturally vapid mode of silent protest you've ever seen?  I mean, really?  Abstaining from Twitter and Facebook pretty much just means it's a normal day.  There's no sacrifice here.  Also, couldn't most of those people just hand over the million dollars?  Additionally: if you're a person who actually cares that Lady Gaga isn't updating her Twitter, you should probably see a doctor. 

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