Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tom Ford's "Forever Love"

Remember last week when V magazine's cover shots of over-50 ladies prompted me to remark that "60-something is the new 35?"  Well, seeing Tom Ford's editorial spread for Vogue Paris means that I must now amend that statement to read "senior citizens are the new black."  Ford's jewelry-centric feature stars models Clarissa and Doug (we have no further information on who these folks are), a pair of silver foxes getting hot and heavy.  The photography is pretty great, and while I'm not totally thrilled about the possibility of seeing that much retired flesh in the future, I'm still applauding how natural this feels in comparison to all those over-photoshopped, feigned, ultra-poised images in American Vogue.  These are good looking people, I think.  Which leads to the question: dude, why doesn't the AARP magazine look like this?  [source]

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