Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Seen & Heard: Ke$ha

Ke$ha's album Cannibal dropped last week and I'm reluctant to admit that I actually listened to it.  It's no improvement upon the last album, there's barely a shift in style, and my diagnosis is that Ke$ha will likely not improve as she continues to hold her corn chip nail grip on the pop radar.  In fact, I found significantly less to guiltily enjoy about it.  Where Animal had a handful of pop trash I was surprised to find I quite enjoyed (specifically: "Boots & Boys" "Take It Off" and "Backstabber"), Cannibal amps up the grime and seems to scale back on the subliminal catchiness.  "We R Who We R" is the first single and the album's stuttering anthem.  It's pretty much identical to "Tik Tok" but the video has significantly more glitter and there is the slightest chance that, if I'm out and drinking, I may actually stay on the dancefloor when this song is played.  I mean, it's not good, but, I can get along with it alright.  You know, I iz who I iz or whatever.  That's it. That's my only endorsement.

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