Sunday, December 19, 2010

Review: Tron: Legacy

The thing about Tron is that the original 1982 version was never a great movie.  Tron was, and I'm sure I don't have to tell you, never Star Wars.  It was a Disney kids movie with crossover adult appeal that used what were then state of the art computerized animation effects to tell a suspension of disbelief, barely there story.  If you were to watch it now, to come into it almost 30 years after the fact, it's nothing if not primitive.  The effects might actually reach the point where they're visually distracting the viewer from attempting to parse through the thin plot.  That said, you had to have been there.  There was a window, and you may have missed it.  I was not yet born when Tron was released, but my memory of it comes into play early on.  For me, Tron is about nostalgia.  When I see the white and day-glo suits of the original, or the early lightbike (they were bikes then, not cycles) battle, I'm transported to my early childhood. I'm not so sure, back in my early childhood, if I was in love with the movie or merely the idea of the movie, but I'd guess it was the latter...

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