Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Review: I Love You Phillip Morris

It's taken a lot for I Love You, Phillip Morris to finally make it to theaters.  The film made its debut at Sundance in 2009, two years ago this January.  After the festival outing, in spite of positive word of mouth and the star-power of its two leads, Phillip Morris became tangled in any number of release issues.  It moved in mysterious ways.  Studios signed on and off, release dates came and went, the internet began to speculate that the next time we saw I Love You, Phillip Morris would be a direct to DVD appearance with no fanfare and poor cover art.  All the while, people talked.  All the while, rumors of the film's scandalous genius became greatly exaggerated.  I Love You, Phillip Morris is in many ways a risky, at times almost fearless comedy...

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