Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Photo Lab: Daft Punk in Dazed&Confused's 3D Editorial

Let's all just take a minute to admire the photos from Dazed&Confused mag's 3D editorial featuring Daft Punk.  Or, you know, someone in Daft Punk's helmets.  The spread celebrates Tron: Legacy, which you could probably guess as their score has been a big, insane deal, but which I have to mention anyway because I am SO EXCITED about Tron.  I actually think this is one case where the red/blue 3D effect really makes for some visually appealing photography without the aid of tinted glasses.  Like it a lot.  Also, kind of really want a Daft Punk helmet.  Can I put that on my wishlist?  Scroll down to check out the official, old school/new school Tron hybrid music video for the duo's "Derezzed", from the Legacy soundtrack.  Old School! :::Giddy:::  Yeah, I'm really bad at controlling the geek out on this, I can't really apologize for that.  I know I've probably said it before, but if this movie sucks, I'm going to be inconsolable for a good week and a half.

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