Friday, November 5, 2010

The Trivial Pursuit: November 5th Edition

Sometimes I think that one of this blog's biggest faults, the absolute reason it can't reach upwards to compete with the big dogs in terms of readership, is that I too often completely ignore the silly little gossipy bits that peak people's interest on their newsfeeds.  When I post, I try to post things I find worth passing on in some capacity, and usually what Lindsay Lohan is doing isn't one of those topics.  Of course, I'm a hypocrite, because I click on these tabloid blurbs elsewhere, so on some level I must be find them worth reading.  That said, I'm going to try and start up a regular Friday post where I compile all the trivial Hollywood nonsense you may have missed.  We'll see how long it lasts...

* Moulin Rouge! director Baz Luhrmann is moving forward with his adaptation of The Great Gatsby.  Fitzgerald's modern classic deserves a better cinematic companion piece, and I'd think Luhrmann's vivid, old Hollywood, swooning romanticism could be just the ticket.  However, right now, the casting rumors are nothing if not dire.   While Leonardo DiCaprio is supposedly a near lock for a lead role, the main contenders for Gatsby's love interest, Daisy Buchanan, are Scarlett Johansson and Gossip Girl's Blake Lively.  In real life, Lively may be Daisy Buchanan, but on screen her wooden non-acting simply won't cut it.  Johansson has already proven she can't hold her own against over the top cinematography (The Spirit, anyone?).  Cross your fingers and hope Luhrmann moves on towards any of these ladies: Carey Mulligan, Michelle Williams, Keira Knightley, Rebecca Hall, or, well, even Kirsten Dunst.

* Anne Hathaway gives good face in this stunning cover shot for the December 2010 issue of the UK edition of Elle.  She's wearing the gold Balmain dress that everyone (yes, including me) wants.  Meanwhile, American Elle fails in three ways: 1. Jessica Alba on the cover, 2. Calling Jessica Alba an "it" girl roughly 3-years after the "it" has worn off, 3. Jessica Alba wearing a Dior Resort collection pink, off-the-shoulder jacket that is literally one of the most heinous items of clothing I have ever seen.  

That jacket should only be worn by Dianne Wiest in Edward Scissorhands.  Barbie shouldn't even touch that jacket.

* 17-year old Miley Cyrus had a beer in Madrid.  Then, the world imploded.  In other news: it was a Corona and yes, she did just watch all of 90's No Doubt videos on YouTube.  [via TMZ]

*Taylor Swift has been hanging around like all the time with Jake Gyllenhaal.  OMG.  Are they dating?  It's a mystery! Do we care?  Absolutely not!  They just like getting ice cream and giggling.  Tee hee!  Tee hee!  Before you ask: Swift is 20, Donnie Darko is 29, and yes, no matter what happens, we're totally going to get a country pop song out of this.  [via MTV]

*Jon Hamm was on SNL.  But, more importantly, he was on a supercut of Mad Men saying "what?" a lot.  You'll note, of course, that what's most obvious about this clip is the range of "whats?" Jon Hamm is capable of.  Who knew Don Draper had that many reaction shots in him?  Which brings me to this poll which certain people are not allowed to answer more than once:

* 90's alt-rock band GARBAGE is reuniting after nearly five years of splits.  I can unsarcastically say that I am the most excited about this and hope that the re-merging of Shirley Manson, Butch Vig, & company means that one of the defining bands of my adolescence finally gets the credit it deserves.  I mean, really, those were some great pop songs, how come Gwen and Courtney get all the credit? [via Stereogum]

*Disney girl Demi Lovato (Camp Rock) checked into a treatment center after suffering a "breakdown" supposedly unrelated to drugs or alcohol.  Anonymous sources have claimed that Lovato has a history of being bullied, battling depression, and self-mutilation.  There are no snide remarks to be made here.  [via E!]

*Lil Wayne was released from prison on Thursday, November 4th.  [via NYT]

*Miley Cyrus's mom, Tish, may or may not have had an affair with Rock of Love's Bret Michaels.  That's just gross, really.  I didn't need to know that.  Tish and Billy Ray filed for divorce on October 29th, thus justifying and furthering any and all attempts by their daughter to "act out".  Do it Miley.  If I found out my mom went anywhere near Bret Michaels, I would have like 20 beers. [US Weekly]

 *This was Heidi Klum's Halloween costume for her annual party.  I'm not totally sure what she is.  Some sort of fembot/cyborg?  An 80's Saturday Morning Cartoon inspired robot humanoid?  All of the above? Her husband, Seal, was a metallic silver man, so I think we can speculate that one of these answers is correct.  Anyone know, by any chance?

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