Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ryan Reynolds Crowned "Sexiest Man Alive"

People magazine has declared that 2010's Sexiest Man Alive is Ryan Reynolds. Why? Something about chiseled abs and hilarity, damned if I know.  Reynolds graces the 25th anniversary cover and I must ask: am I the only one to find Mr. Green Lantern sort of an underwhelming choice?  You know what...never mind.  It's not like I had any expectations, I didn't even realize this issue was coming out.  Thoughts?  Ryan Reynolds....king of the sexy men?

Moving on!  The magazine also features the usual suspects;  your Jon Hamms and James Francos and Johnny Depps.  Additionally, the People website has a laughable feature entitled "25 Sexy Chests to be Thankful For."  If you'd like to see lots of candid shots of various celebrity men emerging from the water like Ursula Andress, you should click on that. 

A couple years ago, I tried to construct my own, counter-list of "sexy men."  I never finished the final entry.  It's a tough job.  Maybe now is the time to force you to look at that nonsense again?

1 comment:

  1. So they included John Hamm as the sexiest creeper alive, right?

    Also, the only reason I ever watch Waiting (or any Ryan Reynold's movie for that matter) is for the scenes where he changes his shirt and you can see those weird vertical lines where his legs meet his torso by his junk.



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