Monday, November 29, 2010

RIP: Leslie Nielsen

Actor Leslie Nielsen passed away last night from complications with pneumonia.  He was 84.  Nielsen, without question, was best known for his turns in comedies such as The Naked Gun series and Airplane!.  Though the world recognizes him best from parodies, Nielsen began his career as a dramatic actor, and it is his starring role in 1956's Forbidden Planet that means the most to me.  Sure, later in life Nielsen would bend the absurd gravitas he brought to his role as Captain Adams for comedic effect, but that doesn't matter.  Forbidden Planet is an underrated classic, a genre landmark, and perhaps most importantly for me: my dad's all-time favorite movie.  Nearly every year around this time we revisit the film, this year, surely, we'll do so in memory of the late Leslie Nielsen.  

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