Saturday, November 27, 2010

Review: Tangled

The trailers for Disney's 50th animated motion picture, Tangled, tell a very different story than the film itself.  I have to admit, the initial teasers with the dull royal blue title backing and that irritating P!nk song bummed me out.  With each passing advertisement, I became more and more convinced that Disney had obliterated their credibility when it comes to weaving fairy tales.  Let's face it: the trailers make this movie look like a piece of schlocky, low-rent crap chock full of dumb sight gags and nonsensical animal sidekicks.  In short: it made it look like a Dreamworks movie.  The cutting room scraps from Shrek 3, if you will.  I was very nearly convinced that there would be no need for me to see this film.  That, in spite of all the early concept art and film geek buzz on the animation being engineered to look very much like a painting, this would be nothing more than a weak companion piece to offset the noise of a million cashiers ringing up long-haired Rapunzel dolls and plastic princess tiaras...

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