Friday, November 26, 2010

Review: Burlesque

What Burlesque promised viewers was a good bad movie.  Whether or not it delivers on that promise is a matter of individual good-bad taste.  Movies like Burlesque can be impossible to effectively critique in part because, ultimately, the criticism does not matter.  When you gather Cher and Christina Aguilera for a film titled Burlesque, you're not shooting for a "good" movie, you're hoping for at least one solid showstopping number.  Plot doesn't really matter here.  There is one, but it's a recycled piece of sugar dusted Styrofoam.  All that matters, all that's worth the price of admission, is exactly what anyone going to a film starring the Genie in the Bottle would want:  flash, pop, glitter.  Burlesque succeeds where a too tightly-corseted film like last year's Nine failed miserably:  it does not try to be artistically relevant, it does not spread itself too thin, it cast real, talented singers in its lead roles.  Burlesque is glitter vomit.  I say that in the best way imaginable.  It's a shiny, sparkly, wink and a smile spread over what would otherwise be an easily ignored pile of sick....

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