Monday, November 29, 2010

RIP: Leslie Nielsen

Actor Leslie Nielsen passed away last night from complications with pneumonia.  He was 84.  Nielsen, without question, was best known for his turns in comedies such as The Naked Gun series and Airplane!.  Though the world recognizes him best from parodies, Nielsen began his career as a dramatic actor, and it is his starring role in 1956's Forbidden Planet that means the most to me.  Sure, later in life Nielsen would bend the absurd gravitas he brought to his role as Captain Adams for comedic effect, but that doesn't matter.  Forbidden Planet is an underrated classic, a genre landmark, and perhaps most importantly for me: my dad's all-time favorite movie.  Nearly every year around this time we revisit the film, this year, surely, we'll do so in memory of the late Leslie Nielsen.  

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Review: Tangled

The trailers for Disney's 50th animated motion picture, Tangled, tell a very different story than the film itself.  I have to admit, the initial teasers with the dull royal blue title backing and that irritating P!nk song bummed me out.  With each passing advertisement, I became more and more convinced that Disney had obliterated their credibility when it comes to weaving fairy tales.  Let's face it: the trailers make this movie look like a piece of schlocky, low-rent crap chock full of dumb sight gags and nonsensical animal sidekicks.  In short: it made it look like a Dreamworks movie.  The cutting room scraps from Shrek 3, if you will.  I was very nearly convinced that there would be no need for me to see this film.  That, in spite of all the early concept art and film geek buzz on the animation being engineered to look very much like a painting, this would be nothing more than a weak companion piece to offset the noise of a million cashiers ringing up long-haired Rapunzel dolls and plastic princess tiaras...

Friday, November 26, 2010

Review: Burlesque

What Burlesque promised viewers was a good bad movie.  Whether or not it delivers on that promise is a matter of individual good-bad taste.  Movies like Burlesque can be impossible to effectively critique in part because, ultimately, the criticism does not matter.  When you gather Cher and Christina Aguilera for a film titled Burlesque, you're not shooting for a "good" movie, you're hoping for at least one solid showstopping number.  Plot doesn't really matter here.  There is one, but it's a recycled piece of sugar dusted Styrofoam.  All that matters, all that's worth the price of admission, is exactly what anyone going to a film starring the Genie in the Bottle would want:  flash, pop, glitter.  Burlesque succeeds where a too tightly-corseted film like last year's Nine failed miserably:  it does not try to be artistically relevant, it does not spread itself too thin, it cast real, talented singers in its lead roles.  Burlesque is glitter vomit.  I say that in the best way imaginable.  It's a shiny, sparkly, wink and a smile spread over what would otherwise be an easily ignored pile of sick....

Kanye Interviews Rihanna.

For the cover story of next month's Interview, Rihanna was interviewed by the talented and off putting Kanye West.  Kanye, in true Tracy Jordan style, manages to make very little sense while also seemingly creeping out young RiRi.  Check out these golden exchanges highlighted by New York Magazine: 

"Kanye: How does it feel to know that you could have any man in the world. Or woman. How does it feel to know that you can turn straight women gay?

Rihanna: Is that a real question?

Kanye: Yeah.

Rihanna: Well … Thank you. I don’t know how to feel about that. I guess that’s flattering.

Kanye: But just to have that level of power. How do deal with it? No one woman should have that much power."   [source]
or, see if you would have thought to end this conversation with the no-brainer question posed by hard-hitting journalist Kanye West:
"Kanye: How did you get signed?

Rihanna: Well, I met Evan [Rogers] and Carl [Sturken], these two producers who live here in New York. They are both married to Barbadian women, so they go there to vacation all the time. My friend introduced me to them, and I sang for them, and we talked, and they had me and my mom come back a couple of days later. After that, we started traveling to New York, working on a demo. Within a year, it was done, and we sent it out. Def Jam was the first label to call back. We got other calls, but they were the most enthusiastic. It was so nerve-wracking, though, the whole experience.
Kanye: Why?
Rihanna: I mean, I was 16. From Barbados. Like, you would never … the chances of ever meeting somebody famous or ever being signed — that was just a deadly combination. Like, I had to meet Jay-Z and audition for him at the same time.

Kanye: Do you know any famous people now?

Rihanna: Huh?" [Source]
 I want Kanye West to conduct interviews with all famous people.

Everything You Know Is Wrong.

Judd Apatow interviews Daniel Radcliffe only to discover that Daniel Radcliffe is actually Harry Potter who is moonlighting as an actor playing Daniel Radcliffe.  Of course, it's all a joke for Funny or Die, but you'd love to believe it, wouldn't you?

The Trivial Pursuit: Black Friday Edition

Homicidal turkey says: You just got stuffed.  Is it true?  Yes, it is.  Are you going to do it again tonight?  Leftovers!  Anyway...

Kanye West shocked his haters and Taylor Swift when his album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy received the oh-so rare, coveted  "10" rating on uber-critical music site Pitchfork.  Personally, I'm officially agreeing with the rating.  I mean, the thing about this album is that literally ever track (excluding the intros and segues) is single-worthy.  There isn't a track I feel compelled to skip over, and that's quite a feat when you consider that some of those tracks are a good 9-minutes long and I've now listened to that album 6 or 7 times.  

Oprah's final "Favorite Things" episode happened this week.  It was a two-parter. People went crazy, there were medics present.  That is not a joke.  If you didn't already hear, the talk show host gave away some typically insane gifts: 3D TVs, seven-day Caribbean cruises, five years of Netflix, a diamond watch, Volkswagen Beetles, etc.  Check out the Huffington Post's crowd reaction video:

Pope Benedict has declared that condoms are alright for folks to use in an effort to prevent the transmission of HIV.  While still no great cheerleader for artificial contraception, the super Catholic amongst us can now rest easily knowing that measures such as condoms are indeed a lesser evil.  That "taking into consideration the risk of the life of another with whom you have a relationship" is important.  Alright, Pope, now, moving on to the next three dozen issues...  [Source: AP via Breitbart]

Jennifer Jason Leigh has filed for divorce from writer/director Noah Baumbach (The Squid and the Whale, Greenberg), thus ending their five-year marriage and creative partnership. [via People]

Some idiot allowed a direct-to-video, Tina Fey-less Mean Girls 2 to exist, and tricked Tim Meadows to return as principal.  The trailer has arrived, and you have no idea how catty I was when I watched it.  I was like, these are the new Plastics?  1. There's nothing remotely "in style" about their wardrobe choices.  Honestly, the budget on this must have been shit because they apparently picked their looks from a $2 rack at Charlotte Russe circa 2002.  Those tepid florals!  Those heinous pastels! Those truly unfortunate gym uniforms!  What are they wearing!?  Note to stylists: unless your location was changed to rural Wisconsin, Mean Girls took place in Evanston, IL.  Evanston is a city that's located just outside a much bigger city (Chicago).  In Evanston, fashion has continued to progress.  More specifically, on the North Shore of Chicago: this would not fly.  No one could rule the school in that headband.   2.  This just looks like garbage.  I mean, really?  Ew.  Wrong.  So.  Wrong.  Boo, you whore.  

A recent cover of Candy magazine, which focuses on "transversal" style, featured actor/writer/student/oddball James Franco in drag.  That's it.  Just look at that picture.  A thousand words.

Lindsay Lohan is no longer involved with the Linda Lovelace biopic Inferno.  Different sources have cited different reasons for her departure.  Lohan herself claims she quit (which, given that she could really use more time to get her life in focus, would be uncharacteristically wise), E!Online has director Matthew Wilder quoted saying the starlet is essentially impossible to insure.  Actress Malin Ackerman has been brought on as her replacement.  

V Magazine's "Who Cares About Age Issue" features three separate covers with three incredibly fierce over-50 ladies.  Jane Fonda, Susan Sarandon, and Sigourney Weaver score well-deserved spreads, with Charlotte Rampling sneaking in as well.  I love it.  I'm getting totally sick of all these supposedly 'adult' women's magazines fretting so much about Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, and Kim Kardashian.  These women are far more fascinating to read about.  They've had actual lives, for instance.  Also, talent...  60-something is the new 35.  25, meanwhile, is probably the new 13. 

Ke$ha climbed out of the dumpster she calls home and went to a party like this.  I have the strangest feeling that when she was younger, she let her Troll dolls and Barbies do some inter-species dating.

Author Robert Randolph self-published a book entitled You'll Never Spa in This Town Again, and has been promoting himself by talking to the tabloids about his voyeuristic encounters with John Travolta in some Los Angeles saunas.  Randolph makes some salacious claims about Travolta's supposed penchant for secret steam room gay trysts of all sorts.  Whether true or not, the juicy details are here. [via Gawker]   

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Review: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt. 1

With each passing Harry Potter adaptation, the first order of discussion seems to always be: isn't this the most mature HP film yet?  And it's true.  One of the best features of J.K. Rowling's written series was that the books truly grew with their audience.  The writing, the emotional breadth, the complexity of the situations, the narrative slowly snowballed from the chipper friendships and perilous adventures standard to children's literature, and began to push at its boundaries to become an out and out epic.  The series does not remain in arrested development...

Friday, November 19, 2010

Refinery29 Teaches You How to Style Blog

Refinery29 has designed a handy dandy map for you to begin your incredibly useful career in front of your own camera lens.  Really, I'm just terribly sorry I don't have time during my day to strike a pose.  Here's what you need to know: I pretty much live 50% of my life in black and white striped shirts (they're my constant basic), basic black, and wear the hell out of two or three pairs of riding boots.  Yep, if Pop Candy Arcade were a style blog, it would wind up as repetitive as Nubby Twiglet but with zero red.  [via Refinery29]  

The Trivial Pursuit: November 19th Edition

The most important thing you need to know is that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt. 1 was released today.  No, I did not go at midnight.  Yes, I'm a little bit sad about this.  Let's change the subject, shall we?   Quick!  To the items of significantly less importance!

Prince William got engaged to longtime girlfriend Kate Middleton.  Here we go again.  Prepare for the unceasing, incredibly strong bull-piss stream of Royal Family news.  Middleton's Issa London engagement dress has already sold out, proving that people are indeed bananas for this business.  In other news: I think Prince William looks kind of creepy now.  He reminds me of my dentist, who I am slightly afraid of. 

Desperate Housewife Eva Longoria has filed for divorce from NBA player Tony Parker, accusing him of cheating.  I am neither surprised, nor interested.  Amazingly, the pair had been together for 7 years, which has prompted a revelation as to just how long Desperate Housewives has managed to overstay its welcome.  [via Reuters]

Blake Lively (Gossip Girl) is literally everywhere.  Now, Anna Wintour has awarded her the cover of Vogue's Best Dressed special issue.  This is, perhaps, the one accolade I'm fine with her receiving.

In further Blake Lively-related news, An Education's Carey Mulligan successfully slayed the Upper East Side's fictional queen to win the coveted role of Daisy in Baz Luhrmann's Great Gatsby adaptation.  Hurrah!  A competent actress! [via HuffPo]

Tina Fey was awarded the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor.  This actually happened the other week, but the telecast of the show was aired on PBS last Sunday.  It was mostly awkward, with a few moments of hilarity.  I was very distracted by Fey's hair, the shape of which was truly odd. You can watch her acceptance speech here.

Kelly Osbourne dropped 50-pounds the healthy way in the wake of her out-of-character appearance on Dancing with the Stars.  At a petite 5'2" she went from 162 to 112 lbs and is now gracing the cover of Shape magazine.  For those of us who were teenagers in the age her punkish fashion sense became an uncredited craze, you can check it out here
Jonathan Franzen's book Freedom stunned all those who have praised it as the second coming of literature (period) and did not win this year's National Book Award.  This was, instead, the year of the ladies.  Notably, bonafide rock star Patti Smith took the non-fiction award home for the really rather superb autobiographical account of her relationship with friend, artist Robert Mapplethorpe, Just Kids.  Jaimy Gordon won the fiction prize for Lord of Misrule.  As a side note: Freedom is a fine book, but guys, come on, take it down a notch? [via NYT]

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ryan Reynolds Crowned "Sexiest Man Alive"

People magazine has declared that 2010's Sexiest Man Alive is Ryan Reynolds. Why? Something about chiseled abs and hilarity, damned if I know.  Reynolds graces the 25th anniversary cover and I must ask: am I the only one to find Mr. Green Lantern sort of an underwhelming choice?  You know what...never mind.  It's not like I had any expectations, I didn't even realize this issue was coming out.  Thoughts?  Ryan Reynolds....king of the sexy men?

Moving on!  The magazine also features the usual suspects;  your Jon Hamms and James Francos and Johnny Depps.  Additionally, the People website has a laughable feature entitled "25 Sexy Chests to be Thankful For."  If you'd like to see lots of candid shots of various celebrity men emerging from the water like Ursula Andress, you should click on that. 

A couple years ago, I tried to construct my own, counter-list of "sexy men."  I never finished the final entry.  It's a tough job.  Maybe now is the time to force you to look at that nonsense again?

Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday Funday

Are you home from work yet?  Cause, if you are, you should be downloading the shiny new, free free Girl Talk album.  It's Gregg Gillis's first since 2008's Feed the Animals (which is sort of hard to believe considering how omnipresent he's been), is called All Day, and you can get it by visiting label Illegal Art's site right here, right now.

Dance party. Get on it.

Harry Potter Passes Potions Class

So, I don't know how well Daniel Radcliffe would do in a Potions class, but for living on set for most of his adolescence, he has a leg up on the general sciences.  Let's all watch as the Boy Who Lived rattles off all of the elements of the Periodic Table while on the couch of the BBC's Graham Norton Show.  He's memorized the entirety of Tom Lehrer's song, apparently, and Rihanna totally thinks he's a bit of a dork.  Snape, also, is unimpressed.

Seen & Heard: Lykke Li

Lykke Li has returned for a sophomore endeavor, leading with the surprisingly aggressive track "Get Some" and a face full of attitude.  The newly embittered Li has been making short films inspired by heart break and depression, but if this is the result, I'd say the battle scars look good on her.  2008's "I'm Good, I'm Gone" was one of my favorite songs/videos of that year, but I've overplayed it so much I'm more than ready for a new sound. 

Friday, November 12, 2010

The Trivial Pursuit: November 12th Edition

Man, this week was boring.  How am I supposed to talk about gossipy stuff with so little gossipy stuff to work with?  Obviously, the most important contribution to pop culture this week was probably last night's "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" duet of "Just a Friend" with Biz Markie and Jeff Goldblum.  I shouldn't have to enumerate the reasons why this is awesome.  It clearly just is. 

*The Hollywood Reporter posted this oh-so-scientific compare/contrast list designed to list the differences in the television viewing habits of democrats and republicans.  What it succeeds in doing is just proving that everyone watches TV, and a lot of hardcore republicans are indeed the same senior citizens who watch CBS at all hours of the day.  Other things I have determined from this data: based on TV habits, I'm a liberal and not an independent, republicans are cooler with the gay parenting on Modern Family than the dems, democrats are more into Texas high school football, backstabbing corporate law, and Beverly Hills excess than the conservatives.  Basically, I'm not learning anything here.  Hey hey.  Science!  [via THR]

*Heidi Klum boldly wore Project Runway runner-up Mondo Guerra’s hotly contested polka dot dress (sleeveless this time), thus proving that it could indeed be done without a raised eyebrow.  Take that Michael & Nina.  [Photo Credit: getty, wireimage]

*A magical, mystery shortlist of actresses who may be under consideration for the next Christopher Nolan Batman film, Dark Knight Rises, has been released.  Rumor has it the ladies are in contention for two roles: a love interest and a villain.  Personally, I don’t give a damn about the love interest, but the female villain bit has me thoroughly intrigued.   Is it time to bring in Catwoman?  Do we get psychotic Harley Quinn?  I’m doubting Poison Ivy, but /Film rightly points to the Talia al Ghul possibility.  Anyway, the actresses: Rachel Weisz, Naomi Watts, Blake Lively, Natalie Portman, Anne Hathaway, and Keira Knightley.  Alright, seriously, is Blake Lively up for every role in Hollywood?  God, Anna Wintour, stop trying to make her happen.  [Source]

* Jason Segal’s upcoming Muppet movie revealed an insane amount of casting news this week.  While we already knew that Segal (Forgetting Sarah Marshall) himself was set to star with Amy Adams as a love interest and Chris Cooper as a villain, we’ve now learned that the supporting/cameo spots will be filled by the likes of Zach Galifianakis, Paul Rudd, Jane Lynch, Community’s hilarious Donald Glover (!), Ed Helms, John Krasinski, Jack Black, Modern Family Emmy winner Eric Stonestreet and….wait for it….the Muppet pelt-wearer herself: Lady Gaga.  Click click boom.  Seriously, I can’t wait to see this.   [source]

*Robert Downey Jr. is Mr. Peanut.

*Shiloh Jolie-Pitt has a thing for dead animals. Mum Angelina is quoted in the December issue of Vogue with this tidbit:
“ “Shiloh found a dead bird, so she came in and said, ‘Can I have a dead pet?’ And I’m . . . ‘Uh-uh, I don’t think it’s healthy, honey. I think they have to put him in a box,’ and I had to run out to find, like, a taxidermy bird. I just worked it out for her.” Did Shiloh know about taxidermy? “No. But I figured that I couldn’t keep the actual dead bird from the yard, so I swayed her toward one that had been cleaned, at least.”” [via Vogue]
Ahem.  Shiloh, people will talk, just ignore them. When you’re older and whipping out a camera at interesting carcasses, they still talk. I’m sorry, people, but there is something quite interesting about the decomposition of a stone-dead squirrel...

*In a really odd bit of tie-in merchandising, the Kardashian’s have released a prepaid MasterCard designed to help y’all manage money.  Yes, it has their faces on it.  I think this is a really good way to control spending because, if you're like me, having a Kardashian card would shame you into never buying anything.  I seriously would be mortified if I threw down a debit card with Kim Kardashian's face on it in a store.  Yikes.

Review: Morning Glory

As a film, Morning Glory is the equivalent of your network morning news program.  It's a shiny piece of overproduced fluff to perk up for waking moments, give you something to focus on, and lure you in while you search for that jolt of caffeine.  It's not a serious film, it's frothy entertainment with lots of star power, human interest, and big smiles.  That said, despite its lack of gravitas or realism, Morning Glory is a bright, unsinkable comedy that manages (where so many others fail) to actually be funny without consequence.  There's no caveat to the humor; like a morning variety program, there's a little something for everyone here...

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Review: Due Date

Last year, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed The Hangover.  Prior to its release I'd thought it looked decent in spite of myself.  Lets face it, in early 2009, Zach Galifianakis was essentially a no name outside of the mild internet stardom afforded to him by "Between Two Ferns", Bradley Cooper was still hampered by his "that guy from Alias" reputation, and director Todd Phillips seemed to specialize in comedies with limited appeal outside the frat house.  Phillips went from Road Trip, Old School, Starsky and Hutch and School for Scoundrels to Apatow level comedic credibility with a single film.  We can probably all agree The Hangover was a tremendous success.  It was the rare comedy that was as funny to a teenage boy as it was to my Mom, and that alone is pretty major.  Now, Phillips has taken on the burden of following up The Hangover with Due Date.  On paper, I'm sure Due Date looked like the ideal project.  The triumphant return of Galifianakis fresh off his overnight A-listing and paired with the ever charismatic Robert Downey Jr. in the midst of a wild, massive streak of blockbuster successes.  Have no doubt, I was excited.  I believed, just last week, that there was no way Due Date could fail.  In some ways, it flies high.  In others, it's disappointing how flat it falls.  Pancake flat.  Squirrel tail roadkill flat.  Runway model flat...

Monday, November 8, 2010


Remember back in September when I predicted that Jeremy Scott's trash inspired clothing would be all over the pop stars in coming months?  It may have been the most obvious guesstimate ever, but I should have put money on it.  This is a picture of Katy Perry wearing Scott's movie ticket dress.  I saw this coming.  Yeah.  Clearly what this means is that I'm basically the Nostradamus of MTV detritus.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Seen & Heard: Patrick Wolf

Making things just slightly more confusing for us all, one of my faves, Patrick Wolf, has released his newest single "Time of My Life."   No, it has nothing to do with the song you've been hearing on your radio.  That song is the Black Eyed Peas sampling Dirty Dancing.  This song is just not that.  Unfortunately, unlike the impending takeover of the apparently not defunct Peas, you'll have to wait until Spring 2011 to hear the rest of Wolf's album The Conquerer.  Shame.

Trailer: Sucker Punch

Though teaser trailers for Zack Snyder's next visual stunner, Sucker Punch, have been surfacing on the internet for a couple months now, this is the first full-length trailer we've seen for the film.  A girl-powered action flick, Sucker Punch stars Emily Browning (The Uninvited, A Series of Unfortunate Events) as a teen girl who escapes (literally? figuratively?) the confines of a mental institution via the powers of her considerable imagination.   The early concept art was intriguing, and the movie continues to show great promise in terms of style.  I'm loving the live action anime feel this has.  It reminds me of Casshern...but I'm really hoping Snyder manages to infuse his story with more substance than that little number featured.  Also featuring Abbie Cornish, Jena Malone, Vanessa Hudgens, and Carla Gugino, look for Sucker Punch in theaters on March 25th.

The Trivial Pursuit: November 5th Edition

Sometimes I think that one of this blog's biggest faults, the absolute reason it can't reach upwards to compete with the big dogs in terms of readership, is that I too often completely ignore the silly little gossipy bits that peak people's interest on their newsfeeds.  When I post, I try to post things I find worth passing on in some capacity, and usually what Lindsay Lohan is doing isn't one of those topics.  Of course, I'm a hypocrite, because I click on these tabloid blurbs elsewhere, so on some level I must be find them worth reading.  That said, I'm going to try and start up a regular Friday post where I compile all the trivial Hollywood nonsense you may have missed.  We'll see how long it lasts...

* Moulin Rouge! director Baz Luhrmann is moving forward with his adaptation of The Great Gatsby.  Fitzgerald's modern classic deserves a better cinematic companion piece, and I'd think Luhrmann's vivid, old Hollywood, swooning romanticism could be just the ticket.  However, right now, the casting rumors are nothing if not dire.   While Leonardo DiCaprio is supposedly a near lock for a lead role, the main contenders for Gatsby's love interest, Daisy Buchanan, are Scarlett Johansson and Gossip Girl's Blake Lively.  In real life, Lively may be Daisy Buchanan, but on screen her wooden non-acting simply won't cut it.  Johansson has already proven she can't hold her own against over the top cinematography (The Spirit, anyone?).  Cross your fingers and hope Luhrmann moves on towards any of these ladies: Carey Mulligan, Michelle Williams, Keira Knightley, Rebecca Hall, or, well, even Kirsten Dunst.

* Anne Hathaway gives good face in this stunning cover shot for the December 2010 issue of the UK edition of Elle.  She's wearing the gold Balmain dress that everyone (yes, including me) wants.  Meanwhile, American Elle fails in three ways: 1. Jessica Alba on the cover, 2. Calling Jessica Alba an "it" girl roughly 3-years after the "it" has worn off, 3. Jessica Alba wearing a Dior Resort collection pink, off-the-shoulder jacket that is literally one of the most heinous items of clothing I have ever seen.  

That jacket should only be worn by Dianne Wiest in Edward Scissorhands.  Barbie shouldn't even touch that jacket.

* 17-year old Miley Cyrus had a beer in Madrid.  Then, the world imploded.  In other news: it was a Corona and yes, she did just watch all of 90's No Doubt videos on YouTube.  [via TMZ]

*Taylor Swift has been hanging around like all the time with Jake Gyllenhaal.  OMG.  Are they dating?  It's a mystery! Do we care?  Absolutely not!  They just like getting ice cream and giggling.  Tee hee!  Tee hee!  Before you ask: Swift is 20, Donnie Darko is 29, and yes, no matter what happens, we're totally going to get a country pop song out of this.  [via MTV]

*Jon Hamm was on SNL.  But, more importantly, he was on a supercut of Mad Men saying "what?" a lot.  You'll note, of course, that what's most obvious about this clip is the range of "whats?" Jon Hamm is capable of.  Who knew Don Draper had that many reaction shots in him?  Which brings me to this poll which certain people are not allowed to answer more than once:

* 90's alt-rock band GARBAGE is reuniting after nearly five years of splits.  I can unsarcastically say that I am the most excited about this and hope that the re-merging of Shirley Manson, Butch Vig, & company means that one of the defining bands of my adolescence finally gets the credit it deserves.  I mean, really, those were some great pop songs, how come Gwen and Courtney get all the credit? [via Stereogum]

*Disney girl Demi Lovato (Camp Rock) checked into a treatment center after suffering a "breakdown" supposedly unrelated to drugs or alcohol.  Anonymous sources have claimed that Lovato has a history of being bullied, battling depression, and self-mutilation.  There are no snide remarks to be made here.  [via E!]

*Lil Wayne was released from prison on Thursday, November 4th.  [via NYT]

*Miley Cyrus's mom, Tish, may or may not have had an affair with Rock of Love's Bret Michaels.  That's just gross, really.  I didn't need to know that.  Tish and Billy Ray filed for divorce on October 29th, thus justifying and furthering any and all attempts by their daughter to "act out".  Do it Miley.  If I found out my mom went anywhere near Bret Michaels, I would have like 20 beers. [US Weekly]

 *This was Heidi Klum's Halloween costume for her annual party.  I'm not totally sure what she is.  Some sort of fembot/cyborg?  An 80's Saturday Morning Cartoon inspired robot humanoid?  All of the above? Her husband, Seal, was a metallic silver man, so I think we can speculate that one of these answers is correct.  Anyone know, by any chance?

This is what's really going on here...

Today, I will prolong Halloween by dressing up as a Tumblr and picture posting random things I have been consuming this week.  Beginning with: I have become completely addicted to Sisters of Mercy.  Everytime I get in the car I begin my drive listening to "This Corrosion" and doing the best 80's dancing I can manage while sitting down.    

Then, I usually follow that with "Dominion/Mother Russia":

The biggest mistake that I made this week, however, was attempting to listen to the whole Die Antwoord album in a misguided venture to figure out what all the fuss was about.  Honestly, I'm not sure how I feel about the group, but right now I can't stop singing the obnoxious, high pitched, DDR-style chorus on "Enter the Ninja" and it is driving me crazy.  Also, I'm pretty sure it's making me look crazy, because sometimes it slips out of my mouth instead of just circling in my head and that's not good...


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