Monday, October 11, 2010

Where Oh Where...

Man, I've sort of shirked my bloggy responsibilities over here the last week or so.  While I have pretty valid excuses for my absence (seriously, I have a doctor's note, a very very rancid tasting nasal spray, and about 400 pictures from the wedding of two awesome people), if you've been missing me, you should have been reading my entries in the ongoing 31 Days of Halloween list at my other blog.  Lesson number one: if I'm not here, I'm probably finding time to be over there. 

Sidenote: this still from The Hunger makes me feel that I should tell you that yesterday in my attempt to recover from all of last week I watched the latest Criterion addition; Oshima's Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence.  You know what the best part of that movie was, right?  Yeah.  David Bowie.  Even better than that?  David Bowie eating flowers.  Better still?  David Bowie dressed up like a boy from school.  Just sayin. 

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