Saturday, October 16, 2010

Trailers: Restless

If you haven't gotten the memo, Mia Wasikowska is the girl this year.  If we can agree that Carey Mulligan was the girl last year -- which I think we can -- then we should also agree that Wasikowska has out Mulliganed Carey Mulligan; the girl pulled in Disney's Alice in Wonderland and The Kids are All Right this year and is swinging in for round two with the title role in Jane Eyre and a potential twist on the manic pixie dream girl in Gus Van Sant's RestlessRestless is a relationship story filled to the brim with funeral crashing, mortality obsession, and veteran ghosts.  With its looks and pedigree, we can hope Restless works in the spirits just right without resorting to saccharine Charlie St. Cloud antics.

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