Thursday, October 21, 2010

Things That Are Gross and/or Weird.

1. GQ takes pervy photographer Terry Richardson, a few members of the cast of Glee, and decides that what Glee is is definitely, and predictably, a schoolgirl porn film.  What I have gleaned from this is primarily that it's fairly uninspired, a little tacky, a little gross, but I did want to buy over the knee tube socks and will have to (once again) go to the Halloween store.  Also, Lea Michele cannot contain the vamping no matter how hard she tries.  She stole that whole photoshoot from her castmates.  Geez.  That skievy kid on Glee would have a field day with these shots.   People who fool themselves into believing Glee is family-only television are freaking out about this photoshoot, but, hello...these folks are in their 20's.  They do what they want.  And what they want to do is pose a lot with open mouthed sexy face. 

2. Also gross?  This necklace. Yes, it's supposed to look like sperm.  It's a $420 "Pearl Necklace" by Leah Piepgras made from sterling silver that.. 
"is actually an accurate representation of semen. It is a visual marker of chaos turned perfection through an act of beauty and lust. Pearl Necklace is a physical reminder of a fleeting moment of pleasure."  [via Jezebel]
Wow.  Just, wow.  I hope this woman is making an art fair killing selling these 'unusual shapes' to older ladies who might not associate the term with the physical reminder of a fleeting moment of pleasure.  Classy.

Yes, I just lumped these two things into the same blog post.

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