Monday, October 11, 2010

Smell Like A Monster / Get the "Power"

Two videos that aren't necessarily news anymore, but which I failed to cover last week.  The first is the resurgence of Sesame Street's Grover as the Old Spice dude which, if I were a small child, I would be totally befuddled by.  This is the "Over, Under, Around, and Through" of the twenty first century, kids, and it is awesome.  I have recently decided that I kind of really want to work for the Jim Henson Company.  Seriously.  I think a lifetime spent anthropomorphizing everything and speaking to myself in strange voices makes me qualified, right?  Yes.

The other video is Kanye West re-calibrating the notion of hip-hop back-up dancer for his brilliant, music video quality performance art live on the Bryan Cranston episode of SNL.  Kanye West may actually be Tracy Jordan, but he is also still a purveyor of jams.  I really love this staging of "Power", it's the first thing that hasn't made me space out during an SNL musical act in a long while...

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