Saturday, October 2, 2010

Review: The Social Network

What is there that can be said that has not already been said about David Fincher's fanatically discussed, gigantically hyped Facebook film The Social Network?  Answer: not much.  This film had the potential to disappoint tremendously.  Trailer after trailer, poster after poster, blurb after blurb, my expectations of this particular film had been growing to nearly unscaleable heights.  Fincher's films have a tendency to do that with me.  I was going absolutely berserk pre-Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and while I am indeed amongst the comparatively small number of that film's 'friends', I was still on the underwhelmed side of that fairy tale.  With The Social Network, I kept trying to remind myself that I should curb my enthusiasm; that in spite of the lush darkness and clever quips of the trailers, the potential to be a tiresome, talkative business thriller was still there.  Ten minutes in, any concerns I had had vanished into the Trent Reznor scored ether...

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