Saturday, October 2, 2010

Review: Let Me In

Any proper discussion of Let Me In must begin with Let the Right One In.  The Swedish original is now a mere two years old.  Two years, for a foreign horror film with a massive underground following but a barely there presence in the mainstream, is not very old.  Let the Right One In is practically shiny new.  Past that, it's also solidly constructed, well rated, and held in high regard by those who have seen it.  Its only flaw, apparently, is that in America, it is a foreign art house film.  In America, we can't abide too many subtitles.  In America, we would really prefer a director with good taste to remake foreign blockbusters before we opt to consume them.  Speak English; please and thank you.  This is why we've received a strikingly similar remake of Let the Right One In, this is why David Fincher will soon remodel the already very good Swedish version of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  It's frustrating, and after seeing Let Me In in a crowd that seemed more prepared for horror and gore than meditative, starkly severe child drama, I can tell you that I think there's a reason why some foreign films are safer in the art house, even when the end product is, well, excellent...

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