Saturday, October 16, 2010

Novelty Treats: The Life Undergraduate

Analecta, the University of Texas at Austin's undergraduate literary magazine, dug up a short story penned by writer/director Wes Anderson during his formative years.  The story is called "The Ballad of Reading Milton" and is loaded with the sorts of philosophical meditations and interludes that college students fresh out of their 101 courses do best (I should know, I've got a couple years of campus lit mag editor hidden in my bag of tricks).  The scans from 1989's Analecta XV are online in full, so if you too share an affinity for the postured dweebery of the fantastic Mr. Anderson, you should check it out at the lit mag's website.  One thing we can say: it reads exactly like an undercooked Wes Anderson movie, or, the short story Jason Schwartzman's character wrote about his father's funeral in The Darjeeling Limited.  You can see the early stages, but I'm glad Anderson transitioned into film.  Either way, it's a significant improvement when contrasted with James Franco's short, muddled fiction.  

[Analecta via Videogum]

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