Saturday, October 16, 2010

East Coast vs. West Coast: 30 Rock Live

I know people are going bananas over 30 Rock's live show experiment, but I honestly wasn't thrilled with it.  Nice novelty, sure, but the cringe won out over the laugh.  Every bit with Kenneth in it = huge shudder.  I'm so very pleased that 30 Rock doesn't usually come with a laughing studio audience, crummy camera work, or Julia Louis Dreyfuss.  That's it.  For those curious, however, as to the discrepancies between the live East Coast take and the live West Coast go (that's right, they did it twice. It was quite literally live for all of America), a friendly youtube user has compiled a compare/contrast of Thursday's highlights.  Parnell steals it here, with a side of Hamm (East wins with Parnell, West with Hamm.  Thems my votes).  Spoiler alert: I'm buying Leo Spaceman's Lovestorm for everyone this Christmas, obviously.  No surprises here. 

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