Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Oprah, we may have to put our differences aside...

So, I can't stand Oprah's show. Like, I really can't stand it.  I don't like her book club, either, but that's a story for another time.  Anyway, I don't like Oprah's show because it's basically one big outlet for one big unchecked ego.  The same could be said about this blog, but since I'm not worth billions of dollars, I have to deal with being humbled every day by my monetary state of affairs. 

Anyway, Oprah and I may have to set aside our differences on Friday, October 29th, when Oprah Winfrey reunites THE ENTIRE VON TRAPP FAMILY for the first time in 45-odd years, for a single episode.  Not just the fictionalized von Trapp's, either, the real von Trapp children as well.  I mean, that's just crazy.  Julie Andrews, Chrisopher Plummer, and all of the kids from the film adaptation of The Sound of Music.  Come on!  Don't you want to know what those kids grew up to be?  Hell yes.  Hell yes I do.  No, I'm not ashamed to admit it.  You can just go and shut your mouth because I have a serious soft spot for The Sound of Music and also, really, just Julie Andrews in general.  That's right, I also fricken' love Mary Poppins.  Deal with it.  Those movies are classics.  Gold.  Naysayers be damned, I obviously have Oprah on my side and she will pay money to crush you because she knows that  the cinematography alone in Sound of Music is enough of a reason for Maria to belt out "The Hills Are Alive".  True fact.  [source

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