Friday, September 10, 2010

Novelty Treats: "More Official"

I forgot to tell you something that's really not important: you can now purchase more "official" looking Lady Gaga costumes on the Lady Gaga website.  Yep.  I'd call it a stroke of brilliant tie-in merchandising, but I'm really to busy placing bets on how many people will be sporting this blue "Poker Face Video Swimsuit" to care about the revenue this will inevitably rake in.  I'll be honest, however, when I pieced together my Gaga costume last year (yeah, yeah, I was one of millions) from weird crap in my closet and small accessories from Hot Topic and those Halloween pop-up stores, I would have found direct access to one stupid long blonde wig with bangs quite helpful.  Seriously.  The wigs, man, they're never quite right.  Of course, this one probably feels like knotted Barbie hair and has no movement...but it's closer to the shade I was looking for.  Now, I must begin to stress about what to be this year.  Not Gaga again, though it would be super easy... Wow.  This is boring.  Post over.

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