Friday, September 17, 2010

In Which Things You Wish Would Happen Sometimes Do...

Somewhere around the time Borat was released, I started to think that Sacha Baron Cohen looked rather similar to Queen frontman Freddie Mercury.  When he participated in Tim Burton musical Sweeney Todd (as rival barber Pirelli), I returned to this thought.  It was almost too perfect.  Cohen isn't a complete Mercury doppelganger, but there were certainly some uncanny similarities.  I started hoping that somewhere down the road, Cohen would have the chance to take on the role of the legendary Mr. Mercury.  Now, you guessed it, it's happening.  I'm admittedly pretty psyched.  The project is being written by Peter Morgan, the man who scripted The Queen and Frost/Nixon, especially for Cohen.  Its already being supported by the remaining members of the band, so much so that they have reportedly formed a small production company to assist in backing it.  As would logically follow, the rights to many of Queen's most famous tracks (including "Bohemian Rhapsody", "Another One Bites the Dust", and "We Will Rock You") have also already been cleared. 

Mercury died in 1991, a victim of AIDS.  While Queen's music has been used to score sci-fi rock musical We Will Rock You, this is the first project to focus primarily on the life of the charismatic man himself.  /Film reports that the film can be expected to cover Mercury's life and sexuality through the band's early stages and likely using the famed 1985 Live Aid performance as a closing chapter.  Again, I'm pretty psyched.  Lets hope the project continues to progress as smoothly as it seems to be in its early stages...


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  1. ConvincedJohnHammIsACreeeeeeperSeptember 19, 2010

    since you get sacha baron cohen as freddy mercury, can i get john hamm as jeffrey dahmer? or john wayne gacy?

    i mean, i know there are not many physical similarities, but im pretty sure john hamm has a few dead hookers in his crawlspace or freezer.

    or michael buble.



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