Monday, September 20, 2010

In Which Life Imitates Spoof

There are some things that I like about the Spring/Summer 2011 collection designer Jeremy Scott showcased during Fashion Week.  I like, for example, that the inspiration for the styling seems to be derived from a very creepy mannequin Amanda Lepore.  The movie ticket dress is sort of clever as well.  Otherwise, however, Scott's collection feels like a well-polished art school one liner with the big punchline being: Zoolander.  Almost everything Scott has sent down the runway feels like he should be standing off to the side going "I did it! I made derelicte and it's so long after the fact that once Gaga wears it, all y'all won't realize it's totally a joke!" 

I can get behind the fact that he didn't back down from the vision.  He committed to the project.  This is a full 100% commitment to fashion as disposable commodity (though it also features some rather random straight jacketed/bondage type gear that doesn't quite seem to gel).  Garbage bag dress?  Check.  Shopping bag tops?  Check check check.  Crushed can bra?  Most definitely.  Heinous tighty whitey diapers similar to the 'shorts' April made in the Philip Treacy episode of Project Runway?  Um, yeah.  Past the dedication to the project, I just look at these and think about how most of these pieces do absolutely nothing for me (or the models) aside from making me cringe.  Neat art project... if you're an angsty grad student in the midst of your MFA, but I honestly just can't get past visions of Mugatu swirling in my head.

Take a good look, everyone, because there's almost no doubt in my mind you're going to see some of these articles of clothing in pop star music videos over the next serveral months....

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  1. what about the hoof-like shoes? those are atrocious and creepy.

    if you are going to have hoof-like shoes, you had better go the route that lady gaga went and wear those freaky heel-less shoes.



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