Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cindy Sherman meets Nicholas Ghesquiere

Mmmmm. Balenciaga.  Mmmmm. Cindy Sherman.  Ok, so that last part sounds kind of weird.  The point is that I'm prone to coveting Balenciaga and snap to attention when I hear the name Nicholas Ghesquiere.  Also, Cindy Sherman was a game M. and I participated in in our college dorm like all the time.  Cindy Sherman is a bad ass photographer/performance artist.  Playing Cindy Sherman, for those who don't know the artist's work, involves dressing up like that which you are not and posing for untitled film stills.  It's a pretty good game.  Just not when it involves waiting for your roommate to dress herself up like a half modern geisha and then setting up the tripod in a foot of snow to snap pictures for half an hour.  

Anyway, Ghesquiere (the fashion house's creative director) is making an appearance in New York at Friday's Fashion's Night Out.  As part of the festivities, Cindy Sherman will be debuting her series of six photographs in head to toe Balenciaga (titled Cindy Sherman: Untitled (Balenciaga)) stateside.  [via New York Magazine]

I approve. I also still want those 2006 witchy boots.

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  1. AnonymousMay 18, 2011

    New source for the picture they intended:



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