Friday, August 20, 2010

Review: Eat Pray Love

I know! I saw this movie.  You wouldn't have guessed.  It's totally weird, but I'm just unpredictable like that. 
I wasn't looking forward to Eat Pray Love.  To tell the truth, the entire phenomenon has always sort of irked me.  I've never read Elizabeth Gilbert's bestselling book.  Ask anyone and they'll tell you it's "just not my thing".  My suspicion, when it came to Gilbert and her global gallivanting, had always been that she was some sort of privileged, entitled white woman playing with cultural imperialism and throwing down preachy, self-righteously motivated affirmations.  If the movie gets it right, then my suspicions were correct...and worse: she's sort of a ridiculous, whiny human being who can't see past the end of her own nose to observe just how good she really has it.  My theory is that there's a really good reason why The Expendables trounced Eat Pray Love in the box office battle of the sexes (in which Scott Pilgrim became the maligned third party): after watching Julia Roberts wallow about in her misery in beautiful scenery, a good portion of the women in attendance walked out of the theater and immediately bought a ticket to watch mindless, bloody carnage...

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