Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I Don't Like It: Singing Mole.

So, just a few entries ago, I totally ragged all over the radio.  I take back everything I said about American Top 40.  I would rather listen to Ke$ha all day than suffer through the repetitive playing of France's number one hit: "Mignon Mignon" (cute cute).  "Mignon Mignon" is performed by René  la Taupe (Rene the Mole) an animated mole.  To add insult to injury: a poorly animated mole.  What are they thinking?  Is everyone in France at an advanced stage of ironic cultural consumption, or are their music charts controlled by 5-year old kiddies? 

I can't handle it.  This makes MC Skat Kat look like Mozart.  [via MuuMuse]

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