Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Frank Miller for Gucci

In the world of things that are random and don't make sense, we have fashion.  I love fashion and would totally pull Sandi's credentials as President of the Fashion Club...but sometimes it's ridiculous.  Case in point: Gucci hired comic artist/writer Frank Miller (who's responsible for Sin City and directing the god awful The Spirit) to produce a little short for their fragrance Guilty.  This is the teaser featuring Evan Rachel Wood and Chris Evans, the whole shebang will premiere (in case you care) during the MTV Video Music Awards on September 12.  What does Gucci's camp have to say about this?  More cheese, please:
“A white sports car screeches across a dystopian cityscape - a beautiful blonde at the wheel. Her blazing tires screech to a halt, and she steps out to survey her hunting ground. Savoring the night air she remembers: a night, a man, her choice… a perfume.” [via /Film]
Whoa there, I don't think I can handle it all.  I suggest they re-edit.  For one, just watching that, I don't think it's especially clear that the music is done by Friendly Fires.  Phrasing it "Evan Rachel Wood....Chris Evans....Friendly Fires" just makes it sound like there's the promise of sexy times to come between the two actors.  You know..."friendly fires" wink wink nudge nudge.  Also, "Frank Miller's Gucci Guilty"?  Chuckle.  Snort.  I love Sin City probably more than the next person, but even I don't think this is a good idea.


  1. frank miller is the fucking worst.

    i presume you've heard about his magnum opus where batman fights osama bin laden, yes? it's titled "holy terror, batman!"

    someone explain to me how this jerkoff still has a fucking job.

  2. I knew you'd be the person to comment on this, which is why i changed my original thought "i like Sin City as much as the next person" to the above. Hi-larious.



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