Saturday, August 21, 2010

Found Objects

In which I offer very little explanation other than sometimes, the internet must repost itself to perpetuate the species.

Sometimes, M.I.A. becomes the glitter graphics of a 13 year old girl's MySpace.  (video for "XXXO")

Sometimes, our 13th president must eat ham.  And caress it.  Tenderly.  (Presidential Ham)

Sometimes, we feel we must collect the old school, in order to be avant garde.  (via Cardboard Icons)

Sometimes, we must travel any which way.
Sometimes, she is a rainbow.  (Lydia Hearst via Vixen)

Sometimes, even wild beasts need pedicures. (via Videogum)

Sometimes, we think in the hypothetical. (via David Allieri)

Sometimes, things just have nice colors. (image: devilkettle)

Sometimes, the colors, Duke, the colors are so key. (Tomokazu Matsuyama via The Cool Hunter)
Sometimes, our religion is our family, and our family is unconventional. (via Jezebel)

Sometimes, bad Photoshop can be good.  Sometimes, "it's not rocket science."  (via Pinup RDJ)

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