Monday, August 30, 2010

Emmy Awards Happen, I Care Even Less Than Before...

Guys, I really don't care at all about the Emmy Awards any longer.  I saw about 10 minutes total of them last night (yeah, I didn't even try), decided the set and montage were more than my daily intake of cheese, fired up Gilliam Armstrong's Starstruck on the DVR and waited for True Blood to start.  So it is.  The Emmys are boring and filled with slapped together montages focusing on just how piss poor 70% of American television is.   When I glanced over the list of winners, I have to say, I was pretty glad I didn't throw away three hours to watch.  30 Rock was finally dethroned, and while it's still the best comedy on television, it was time for a bloodless awards turnover.  I was quite pleased, I must say, that the recognition for Outstanding Comedy Series went to ABC's Modern Family over the now overhyped singy, dancy, preachy high school camp fest.  Modern Family, though, is still perhaps an unworthy successor to 30 Rock, but there you have it.

Mad Men won again for Outstanding Drama, which is both absurdly predictable and a little ridiculous.  Was I happy Lost didn't get a send-off nod?  Yes, yes I was.  No other comment. 

Of the other things you maybe care about; the Big Bang Theory's Jim Parsons won for Lead Actor in a Comedy.  Good for him, actually.  He deserved it over all the heavy hitters.  His comedic timing is the thing that makes that the most tolerable show on CBS.   Edie Falco won for Nurse Jackie, Breaking Bad's  Bryan Cranston won again, Kyra Sedgwick won for that show I refuse to pay any attention to, and the most important of the Supporting categories were (unsurprisingly) Jane Lynch (Glee) and Eric Stonestreet (Modern Family).   

With that, I end my coverage.  You can check out the entire list of winners here.

P.S.: Anna Paquin wore one of the Alexander McQueen gowns that I kind of covet.  For some reason, though, she seems to be doing it wrong. 

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