Friday, August 13, 2010

Bowie + Gaga / Kanye + Bon Iver

Holy shit it's like the week for crazy musical collaboration rumors.  First, there was the rumor that Mr. "imma let you finish" West will be teaming with lo-fi folkster Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) on his upcoming album. That rumor has been confirmed by West to Rolling Stone when the hip-hop artist informed the magazine he'd flown Vernon out to a Hawaii studio to rerecord the vocals from "Woods" for a song entitled "Lost in the World".  West's new album will also feature Beyonce and Jay-Z, but who didn't see that coming? [via Rolling Stone]

The bigger news concerns serious rumor of a collaboration between one Lady Gaga and my senior citizen patron saint/alien boyfriend David Bowie.  This document shot appeared on and what it suggests is that the Thin White Duke has emerged from a musically reclusive last several years to aid and abet his pop music progeny.  I've said before that I see quite a bit of Bowie/70's glam influence in Gaga's aesthetic (and her Lollapalooza show, of which I will discuss further at some point, really seems to be moving more towards Diamond Dogs than Material Girl), so if this happens, it could be pretty goddamn fabulous.  You will notice that Bowie is also listed as contributing guitar and vocals.  It's very possible.  Bowie randomly appeared on ScarJo's Tom Waits cover album a couple years back, so if he was willing to help out his Prestige co-star, Lady Gaga seems a surefire bet.  Seeing as how Bowie hasn't done much of note since 2003's Reality album (I will never forgive myself for not spending the $84 on that concert ticket), I'm kind of really excited for any sort of glittering return.  This must happen.  Also, if it's true and it's ever performed live with both parties in attendance, I need to be there.  Take note.  I'm inviting myself and a plus one.

UPDATE: According to Bowienet,  this 'twas sadly apparently a hoax.  So lame.  Maybe one day?

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