Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Best Use of Chatroulette

In a brilliant viral marketing maneuver, the folks behind upcoming film The Last Exorcism have played off Chatroulette in a way that's both inspired, and hysterical.  Everyone who has bothered to log on to the site knows that half the people you'll be connected to will be ass holes with their webcam aimed for a close up on their junk.  Sure, you can have some interesting conversations.  Sure, it's an excellent one-time party game.  But really, it seems lots of people go on their to play voyeur.  Lionsgate knows this.  They threw up a nice looking girl and made it look like she was automatically responding to you with sexual advances...just before they pull the bait and switch that transforms her into a possessed creature that seems to scare the shit out of hoards of dudes.  Of course, they also recorded it.  Clever move, Lionsgate, clever move.

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