Saturday, August 21, 2010

Back in the Day #16: Drew Carey

Drew Carey is obviously not the artist here.  The Vogues are the artists.  It's their song, "Five O'Clock World",  that's was featured in the opening credits for the first couple seasons of the then wildly popular Drew Carey Show (then the theme was swapped for "Cleveland Rocks" which I've also included for the sake of nostalgia).  In the mid-90's everyone loved Drew Carey.  He was like a smiley Dilbert, and everyone also loved Dilbert.  From what I could tell as a child in the 90's, adults were all over workplace comedy.  It was the big thing to rag on being a cubicle slave and make jokes about coffee and the internet.  The guaranteed route to success in the 90's was to give the people alien abductions or disgruntled men in short sleeved button downs.  I liked Drew Carey.  I may not have been a loyal weekly watcher, but I think between new episodes and reruns of its 9 season run, I'm pretty well caught up.  I thought it was amusing, at the time, but now I haven't seen it in years.  If you must know, my favorite was the Rocky Horror episode in which Drew and crew have a run-in with garish Mimi outside a midnight movie that's been unexpectedly changed from RHPS to Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.  Dance off!  Fun times.  Drew Carey could do no wrong, for awhile.  When he gathered his goons and did Who's Line is it Anyway? the people watched and declared it good.  Then, all of a sudden, Drew Carey went *poof* and resurfaced as a jolly 'remember when' hosting The Price is Right.  Oh, the people are so fickle.

Anyway, this opening credit sequence is one of the better ones when it comes to sit-coms.  It's lively and I, for one, never minded watching it.  Most sit-com themes are nonsense jingles.  Remember "I'll be There For You"?  I hated that song. I hated that show, too, but that's a different story.   Since I wasn't alive when The Vogues recorded their track, my frame of reference for "Five O'Clock World" is Drew Carey.  Why am I going on about this?  Because I heard this song in the car today, thought of office dancing, and decided that the memory needed to be shared.  Who else to share it with but you?  Nobody good, that's for sure.

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