Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Back in the Day #14: Timbaland & Magoo ft. Playa

For awhile in my turn of the century youth, I used to suffer from the delusion that there were songs on the radio that only I could hear.  I don't mean this literally (though I'd love to tell you that my songs were an improvement over the Top 40 spin cycle), because I'm not really schizophrenic (though I also believe that that is something that could still happen in the future).  What I mean is that I used to hear these songs on the radio, lack the vocabulary to properly describe them to my peer group, and decide that when no one knew what I was talking about, I must have been the only person who heard it.  Timbaland & Magoo's track "Luv 2 Luv U" was one such song.  "You know that song that's kind of slow and has that guy who talks real low that speaks in some other songs like that one that was the song from Dr. Dolittle?"   I would ask, and the other middle schoolers wouldn't even try to process this, "also, there's a girl in there who raps."  Hey, guess what?  I've just described like every other Missy Elliott song.

Sometimes I dropped key words: Kahuna. Porno Star.  Sonny Bono.  Doggystyle like George and the Parliament.  Pillowcase suckin'. The bird is the word?  Nada.  The problem with the radio, too, is that they so rarely actually bother to tell you what they're playing.  Stupid radio.  The moral of this story is that the radio is no good except when it is.  That's the zen statement i'm dropping on you like hot knowledge.  When it's good, it's playing songs like "Luv 2 Luv U" featuring Playa and we're dancing in the car.  When it's bad, it's playing anything that sounds like Rob Thomas.  This song is good.  It is so good. It sounds absolutely nothing like Rob Thomas and nobody whines in it.  Car dance.

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