Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Back in the Day #15: Shania Twain

When I think of Shania Twain I am reminded of 3 things.  The first is that somewhere, in the basement of my parent's house, in a stack of hidden evidence, is a copy of her Come on Over album that I purchased with my own money.  I own it.  It is the only country album that I own and it is that one.  Secret shame = not so secret anymore.  The second reminder is of chicken salad because at one point I was guilty of having watched I Heart Huckabees so many times in a short period that I probably had like 85% of the dialogue down.  Right now, I can recite Albert Markovski's opening poem (see, I know the character names) from memory: "Nobody sits like this rock sits. You rock, rock.  The rock just sits and is. You show us how to just sit here...and that's what we need".  Yep, college me thought this movie was the funniest ever.  Major existential LOLs abound (yes, I do still like it quite a bit). Anyway, Jude Law's character Brad Stand had this story from Huckabees Corporate about Shania Twain.  Shania. Chicken Salad.  Making her like it. What I think about.  Moving on.  The third and most important thing that comes to mind when I hear Shania Twain's double exclamation point chartbuster  "Man! I Feel Like A Woman!"  is my dad.

See, my dad kind of loved this song.  I have no idea why, but he did.  By my count there were approximately two popular songs that my dad enjoyed when I was in middle school.  One of them was this one, which he thought was "neat".  The other, inexplicably, was Alice DeeJay's "Better Off Alone" (in case you somehow managed to forget how this goes, I've included it below).  Does this tell you anything about my father?  Yes.  What it tells you is that my dad doesn't care what you think, or what anyone else on the planet is doing.  There's no other reason why a grown man with almost zero interest in pop music and equally little interest in going out anywhere that doesn't have foodie food would suddenly find himself unapologetically enjoying an anthem of "going out tonight, feeling alright".  My theory is that what he really liked was the part where she goes "oh OH oh", because it was catchy, he could retain it, and if he decided to sing it while wandering around the kitchen, he could get it right.  I don't know.  He liked the song.  Most of the time, he doesn't retain anything remotely resembling pop-rock music.  Now, he likes to point out that he can replicate the general tune of "Bad Romance", which was surprising the first time he did it and has since become less so.

I'm remembering now, too, that my cranky sibling and our slightly younger friend produced a thrilling music video to this (or was it "That Don't Impress Me Much"?) in which our slightly younger friend raided her slightly older sister's room to sing into a hairbrush and then launch into a dream sequence in which [to paraphrase] she went totally crazy, forgot she was a lady.  We also shot a "Weapon of Choice" video in which our slightly younger friend gallivanted down a dead end street and swung around lamp posts.  She's no Christopher Walken, let me tell you...

Alright.  Now let's all forget I ever told you all of this and that there's a Shania Twain album in the basement.

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