Saturday, July 24, 2010

Seen & Heard: Kid Sister, HURTS

Music video double feature to get your Saturday started right. The first of our two scores instant points in the near and dear to my heart category simply because the bulk of it takes place in and around Chicago drive-thru mainstay Superdawg. If I didn't already have plans later, Kid Sister's super upbeat, colorful vid for "Big n Bad" would make me want to go to that fast food goodness pretty bad.  The song is off her Ultraviolet album from 2009, which is a fun time if you have yet to check it out, but really, this gets an instant post just for the featuring of those red-eyed anthropomorphic hot dogs.

"Wonderful Life", on the other hand, is a more somber affair.  What does it get points for?  Camera skillz.  It's rather pretty, is the thing. Pretty and elegant in a way that seems to merge a keen eye for fashion photography with a sort of stony-faced hybrid of 80's and 90's pop acts.  I'm thinking Duran Duran here, but something about the general appearance of HURTS that brings to mind a bit of "the look" some of the more dapper boybanders sported back in the day (I'm pretty sure this is supported by the earring). 

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