Monday, July 12, 2010

RIP: Harvey Pekar

Harvey Pekar, author of the cult autobiographical comic series American Splendor, died today in his Ohio home at the age of 70.  Pekar was found by his wife, Joyce Brabner and according to the Associated Press, Pekar had been ailing, suffering from prostate cancer, asthma, and high blood pressure, among other things.  Pekar, who was portrayed by actor Paul Giamatti in the 2003 adaptation of American Splendor, was known as something of a curmudgeon.  The comic series, an underground indie-phenom begat in 1976, showcased the drudgery of Pekar's everyday life in Cleveland through 2008.  Pekar approached storytelling with an oft self-deprecating wit and a rough-around-the-edges demeanor, always just slightly hinting at the humanity beneath the surface.  Pekar, and his contribution to the world of comics, will be missed.  

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