Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Review: The Kids Are All Right

Every summer all the little indie-darling production company offshoots (Focus, Fox Searchlight, Paramount Vantage, etc.) use some sort of twee cartography to map out the placement of their saleable wares amongst the squalor of superheroes, sequels, and gimmick comedies.  It's a quiet scramble to pin down a sleeper hit.  You want the comfort of a dark, air conditioned box, they serve you a refreshing, often spiked lemonade.  Before the dramatics of award season, we are given their comedic prelude.  These are the money makers that arrive - through word of mouth and expertly timed advertisements - with a glowing nimbus of praise.  First they're in that little city art house theater, then they start appearing in the suburbs, suddenly (a month in to the run), they're everywhere.  The first one I can recall consciously was My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and we all know what a runaway smash that was.  Not every low-budget indie gets its own short-lived network sitcom to fail miserably at.  The most memorable, though, is probably the reign of Little Miss Sunshine.  Since we met the Hoover family in 2006, every summer has brought with it a family-oriented indie dramedy touted as "this year's" model.  Well, ladies & gents, meet this year's model...

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