Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Review: The Karate Kid

Let's turn through the pages in our pop culture photo album and look back on this project in its infancy. Ah, yes, I remember the days when the rumors of a Karate Kid remake/reboot were just a little rumor seed on the internet.  Oh, the outrage that came from those rumors!  For the love of god why tamper with a nostalgia classic?  How can Jackie Chan replace Pat Morita?  Is no one else questioning the obvious nepotism involved with casting Jaden Smith as a lead actor?  I was amongst those people, I have to admit.  I have fond memories of the entire Karate Kid series, even of Hilary Swank becoming the Next Karate Kid.  These films were the tools my father used when he pushed me into tae kwon do lessons.  They worked, and many were the times we watched them together.  Now, the plots of all of them run together into one massive martial arts epic.  I don't know when the parking lot fight happened.  I'm not sure which sequel took us to Okinawa.  What I thought I knew was that we didn't need a remake.   If you've been paying attention to the critical reception of the new, upgraded 2010 kung fu edition of The Karate Kid, you already know:  I was wrong.  The formula still works, and there was plenty of room for tweaking and small improvements...

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